Format checker: A web based tool to check file formats. Please use this to check if your files are correctly formatted.
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Plotting of EBAS NASA ames files
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User interface for generating EBAS NASA ames files
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@VOC@ - Tool for quality assurance and control of VOC data

To get access to the tool, you need user name and password. Please contact Stefan Reimann: stefan.reimann (at) empa.ch to get this.
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Near real-time data submission

The near-real-time (NRT) scheme aims at collecting, processing, and disseminating data of selected instrument types latest within 3 hours, while the target turnover time is 1 h.
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Standard operating procedures

The SOPs provides a guideline for good measurement practice.
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Using the data curation issue tracker - Mantis

New status categories for the data issues in Mantis
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