Instrument name

The instrument name field uniquely identifies an instrument within the laboratory. A change in the instrument name will be registered as start of a new time series, even if the same parameter has been measured before at the station. This is meant to ensure that a time series is internally comparable. If two or more instruments of the same type are operated in parallel at a station (co-located instruments) they need to have different names in order to make it possible to distinguish the datasets.
If an instrument is substituted by a new one, the data originator needs to decide if the data from the old and the new instrument are comparable and the data should be stored in the same dataset. By choosing a new instrument name, new datasets will be created. Very often labs choose names that include some reference to the station and some reference to the very instrument model used, but this is not strictly necessary. However, it helps generating a unique name within the lab.

The instrument name may only contain those characters: -_A-Za-z0-9.+ (no blanks allowed) 

Instrument name:              instrument_name
Instrument name:              None

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