Data section

Example of first lines of data section. The first value in the line, the independent variable according to NASA-Ames terminology, is the start time of the measurement reported in the line. It is followed by the end time of the measurement, which is the first dependent variable. The following data values and flags are identified by the variable names given in the header section. The number format of the data values (notation, number of digits and significant places) has to correspond to the format of the columns missing value code specified in line 12. 

<start time> <end time> <data value 1> <flag 1> <data value 2> ... <flag n> 

0.000000 0.041667   72.4 0.000000000   82.0 0.000000000   67.9 0.000000000  12.1 0.000000000
0.041667 0.083333  102.2 0.000000000  102.5 0.000000000  100.3 0.000000000   1.2 0.000000000
0.083333 0.125000 9999.9 0.999000000 9999.9 0.999000000 9999.9 0.999000000 999.9 0.999000000

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