Instrument Manufacturers and Models

In the list below you can find all valid combinations of instrument type, manufacturer and model. If you use an instrument which is not listed here, please contact

Instrument type Manufacturer Model Description
CAPS Aerodyne CAPS NO2 Monitor
CAPS Teledyne T500U
Hg_mon Mercury Instruments UT 3000
Hg_mon Tekran 2537A
TEOM Rupprecht&Patashnick 1400
TEOM Rupprecht&Patashnick 1400a
TEOM Rupprecht&Patashnick 1400aa
TEOM Rupprecht&Patashnick 1400ab
TEOM Thermo 1400a
TEOM Thermo 1400ab
TEOM Thermo 1405
TEOM Thermo 1405D
abs_solution IMWM IMWM_abs_solution
ads_tube TERA Environnement unspecified kayako 20317
ads_tube Waters Sep-Pak XPoSure Sampler WAT047205
aerosol_mass_spectrometer Aerodyne C-ToF-AMS
aerosol_mass_spectrometer Aerodyne HR-ToF-AMS
aerosol_mass_spectrometer Aerodyne Q-ACSM
aerosol_mass_spectrometer Aerodyne Q-AMS
aerosol_mass_spectrometer Aerodyne ToF-ACSM
aps TSI 3321
aws Aanderaa AWS 2700
aws Campbell Scientific custom built
aws Lambrecht 14512
aws Vaisala AWS310
aws Vaisala AWS520
aws Vaisala HMP60
aws Vaisala MAWS201
aws Vaisala MAWS420
aws Vaisala WXT510
aws Vaisala WXT520
aws Vaisala custom built
b-attenuation Opsis SM200
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler Eberline FH62I-R
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler Environnement MP101M
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler MetOne BAM1020
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler Thermo 5014i
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler Thermo 5030SHARP
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler Thermo FH62C14
beta_gauge_particulate_sampler Thermo FH62I-R
bulk_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181K
bulk_sampler Eigenbrodt UNS130D
bulk_sampler Eigenbrodt UNS130E
bulk_sampler Eigenbrodt UNS130S
bulk_sampler IVL hg
bulk_sampler IVL pop
bulk_sampler Lab Service Analytica Depobulk
bulk_sampler NILU RS1
bulk_sampler NILU RS1/SF1 Alternating use of models RS1 and SF1 (often summer/winter season)
bulk_sampler NILU SF1
bulk_sampler Nalgene 7142-0030
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Aerodyne QCL
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD64
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD66
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD700AL
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD700ALppt
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD770ALppt
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD780TR
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD790SR
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD86
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD88
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CLD899
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CRANOX
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Ecophysics CRANOX-II
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Environnement AC32M
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Environnement AS32M
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Horiba APNA-360CE
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Horiba APNA-370
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Horiba APNA-370CE
chemiluminescence_molybdenum LosGatosResearch CRD
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Teledyne API 200E
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Teledyne API 200EU
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Thermo 42C
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Thermo 42C-TL
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Thermo 42i
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Thermo 42i-LS
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Thermo 42i-TL
chemiluminescence_molybdenum Thermo 49i
chemiluminescence_molybdenum airqualitydesign CLD
chemiluminescence_photolytic Aerodyne QCL
chemiluminescence_photolytic DMT+Thermo BLC+42iTL Droplet Measurement Technologies (DTM) Blue-Light Converter (BLC) as photolytic converter, Thermo 42iTL as chemiluminescence photometer
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD64
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD66
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD700AL
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD700ALppt
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD770ALppt
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD780TR
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD790SR
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD86
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD88
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD899
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CLD899+PLC860
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CRANOX
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecophysics CRANOX-II
chemiluminescence_photolytic Ecotech 9841T
chemiluminescence_photolytic Environnement AC32M
chemiluminescence_photolytic Environnement AS32M
chemiluminescence_photolytic Horiba APNA-360CE
chemiluminescence_photolytic Horiba APNA-370
chemiluminescence_photolytic LosGatosResearch CRD
chemiluminescence_photolytic Teledyne T200UP
chemiluminescence_photolytic Thermo 42C
chemiluminescence_photolytic Thermo 42C-TL
chemiluminescence_photolytic Thermo 42i-LS
chemiluminescence_photolytic Thermo 42i-TL
chemiluminescence_photolytic Thermo 49i
chemiluminescence_photolytic airqualitydesign CLD
chemiluminescence_photolytic airqualitydesign+airqualitydesign BLC+Custom
chemiluminescence_photometer Aerodyne QCL
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD64
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD66
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD700AL
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD700ALppt
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD770ALppt
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD780TR
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD790SR
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD86
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD88
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CLD899
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CRANOX
chemiluminescence_photometer Ecophysics CRANOX-II
chemiluminescence_photometer Environnement AC32M
chemiluminescence_photometer Environnement AS32M
chemiluminescence_photometer Horiba APNA-360CE
chemiluminescence_photometer Horiba APNA-370
chemiluminescence_photometer LosGatosResearch CRD
chemiluminescence_photometer Thermo 42i
chemiluminescence_photometer Thermo 42i-LS
chemiluminescence_photometer Thermo 42i-TL
chemiluminescence_photometer Thermo 49i
chemiluminescence_photometer airqualitydesign CLD
chemiluminescence_photometer airqualitydesign+airqualitydesign BLC+Custom
cpc Airmodus A20
cpc BMI 1710
cpc GE Rich
cpc GRIMM 5.414
cpc Palas ENVI-CPC 100
cpc TSI 3010
cpc TSI 3022
cpc TSI 3022A
cpc TSI 3025A
cpc TSI 3755
cpc TSI 3760
cpc TSI 3760A
cpc TSI 3762
cpc TSI 3771
cpc TSI 3772
cpc TSI 3775
cpc TSI 3776
cpc TSI 3781
cpc TSI 3783
cpc TSI 3790
denuder ECN Amor
denuder Riemer DEN2
denuder UBA Olaf
dmps CNRS-LaMP Scanotron
dmps FMI FMI_DMPS_25
dmps GRIMM 55-100+5.705+5.706
dmps GRIMM 55-340+5.414
dmps GRIMM 55-340+5.705+5.706
dmps GRIMM 55-900+5.414
dmps GRIMM 55-900+5.705+5.706
dmps ITM New_Haddock
dmps JRC+TSI Vienna-type_medium+3772
dmps LU dmps
dmps MISU DMPSmodel1
dmps NILU DMPSmodel2
dmps TSI 3034
dmps TSI 3071A+3010
dmps TSI 3071A+3022A
dmps TSI 3071A+3025A
dmps TSI 3071A+3760A
dmps TSI 3080L
dmps TSI 3934
dmps TSI 3936
dmps UHEL custom built
doas RIVM-MIL MiniDOAS 1.0
filter_1pack IMWM One stage inline
filter_2pack IMWM Two stage inline
filter_2pack NILU Two stage open face
filter_3pack Custom build - Leckel modified SEQ47/50 three stage open face
filter_3pack NILU Three stage open face
filter_3pack Riemer SPF4
filter_absorption_photometer ITM CUSTOM
filter_absorption_photometer MISU PSAP-1W
filter_absorption_photometer Magee
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE16
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE21
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE22
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE22-ER
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE30
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE31
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE31-ER
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE33
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE42-2 Portable Model AE42 with two wavelengths
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE42-7 Portable Model AE42 with seven wavelengths
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE6
filter_absorption_photometer Magee AE8
filter_absorption_photometer Magee OT21
filter_absorption_photometer NOAA/ESRL/GMD CLAP-10
filter_absorption_photometer NOAA/ESRL/GMD CLAP-3W
filter_absorption_photometer Radiance-Research PSAP-1W
filter_absorption_photometer Radiance-Research PSAP-3W
filter_absorption_photometer Thermo 5012
glass_sinter MCZ MicroPNS
glass_sinter NILU FK
glass_sinter NILU SS2000
glass_sinter Werner-Glas & Instrument AB FK
gold_trap IVL ads_tube
high_vol_sampler Andersen Graseby Andersen GMW
high_vol_sampler Andersen MFC-PM10
high_vol_sampler DIGITEL DA-80
high_vol_sampler DIGITEL DH-77
high_vol_sampler DIGITEL DHA-80
high_vol_sampler MCV CAV-A/MSb
high_vol_sampler MCV CAV-A/mb
high_vol_sampler Sierra Instruments Basic High Volume Air Sampler
high_vol_sampler Sierra Instruments Basic hi vol model 305-2000
high_vol_sampler Thermo MFC-PM10
high_vol_sampler Thermo VFC-PM10
high_vol_sampler Tisch Environmental TE-6070DX
impactor Dekati Cascade aka Dekati PM10 Impactor
infrared_absorption Teledyne T300
low_vol_sampler APM PMS-104
low_vol_sampler Derenda LVS 3.1
low_vol_sampler Derenda MVS 6.1
low_vol_sampler Derenda PNS 16T
low_vol_sampler ECCC_CAIR Lab LVS1 Environment and Climate Change Canada
low_vol_sampler FAI Instruments SWAM 5A Dual Channel
low_vol_sampler KNF IP20-T
low_vol_sampler Leckel LVS3
low_vol_sampler Leckel MVS6
low_vol_sampler Leckel SEQ47/50
low_vol_sampler Rupprecht&Patashnick Partisol2025 Rupprecht & Patashnick was bought by Thermo Fisher in 2005. Partisol 2025 was afterwards sold as manufacturer Thermo. Both are cretaed in EBAS, the one the instrument is labelled with shlould be used.
low_vol_sampler TCR Tecora Skypost
low_vol_sampler Tecora+Tecora Charlie HV+Sentinel PM
low_vol_sampler Thermo Partisol2000i
low_vol_sampler Thermo Partisol2025 Rupprecht & Patashnick was bought by Thermo Fisher in 2005. Partisol 2025 was afterwards sold as manufacturer Thermo. Both are cretaed in EBAS, the one the instrument is labelled with shlould be used.
low_vol_sampler Umwettechnik MCZ Gmbh MicroPNS
ndir Horiba APMA-360
ndir Horiba APMA-370
ndir Thermo 48C CO Analyzer (NDIR/GFC)
ndir Thermo 48C-TLE CO Analyzer (NDIR/GFC)
ndir Thermo 48i CO Analyzer (NDIR/GFC)
ndir Thermo 48i TL CO Analyzer (NDIR/GFC)
ndir Thermo 48i TLE CO Analyzer (NDIR/GFC)
nephelometer Ecotech Aurora1000
nephelometer Ecotech Aurora3000
nephelometer Ecotech Aurora4000
nephelometer Ecotech M9003
nephelometer Ecotech+Radiance-Research Aurora3000+M903
nephelometer MS Electron 3W
nephelometer MS Electron 3W-02
nephelometer Meteorology Research, Inc. 1550
nephelometer Meteorology Research, Inc. 1559B
nephelometer Meteorology Research, Inc. 4-W historic model, no ref. found
nephelometer Optec NGN-2
nephelometer Optec NGN-2a
nephelometer Optech NGN-2
nephelometer Optech NGN-2A
nephelometer Radiance-Research M903
nephelometer TSI 3551
nephelometer TSI 3563
online_crds Picarro G1301
online_crds Picarro G2301
online_crds Picarro G2401
online_crds Picarro G5310
online_gc AGAGE+Agilent MEDUSA+5973GC/MS
online_gc AGAGE+Agilent+Agilent MEDUSA+6890N+5975B
online_gc Agilent 5975GC/MS
online_gc Agilent 6820GC/ECD
online_gc Agilent 6890GC/FID
online_gc Agilent 7890A_uECD
online_gc Agilent+NILU 6820GC/ECD+NILU_GasInjectionSystem
online_gc Agilent+Peak 6890A_uECD+PP1_FID
online_gc Hewlett Packard Fisons 8000 GC/ECD
online_gc MARKES+Agilent UNITY2+5973GC/MS
online_gc MARKES+MARKES+Agilent Air Server+UNITY2+7890A GC/FID
online_gc MARKES+MARKES+Agilent+Agilent Air Server+UNITY2+6890+5975C
online_gc MARKES+MARKES+Agilent+LECO Air Server+UNITY2+7890A GC+Pegasus BT TOF-MS
online_gc PerkinElmer+Varian+Varian ATD300+GC3800+Saturn MS2200 PerkinElmer ATD300 automatic thermal desorber, Varian GC3800 gas chromatograph, Varian Saturn 2200 mass spectrometer
online_gc SRI 8610 GC
online_gc Varian GC-3600 FID
online_gc Varian GC-3800
online_gc Varian GC-3800 FID
online_ptr Ionicon Analytik High-Sensitivity PTR-MS 2003 generation
online_ptr Ionicon Analytik High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500
online_ptr Ionicon Analytik PTR-QMS 300
online_thermal-optical_analysis Sunset Laboratory Model-4 Semi-Continuous Field Analyzer
optical_particle_counter FAI Instruments OPC Multichannel Monitor
optical_particle_size_spectrometer GRIMM 107
optical_particle_size_spectrometer GRIMM 180
optical_particle_size_spectrometer GRIMM 190
optical_particle_size_spectrometer Palas Fidas 200
optical_particle_size_spectrometer Palas Fidas 200 E
optical_particle_size_spectrometer Palas Fidas 200 S
optical_particle_size_spectrometer Palas Promo 3000 H
optical_particle_size_spectrometer TSI 3330
passive_sampler Radiello RAD168
precip_gauge Casella 0.1mm_tipping_bucket
precip_gauge Eigenbrodt WXT
precip_gauge Eigenbrodt tipping_bucket
precip_gauge Hellmann pluviometer
precip_gauge NILU RG1
precip_gauge Ott 200
precip_gauge SEBA Hydrometrie RG-50
rotating_shadowband_spectral_radiometer YES MFR-7
smps CNRS-LaMP SMPSmodel1
smps GRIMM 55-100+5.705+5.706
smps GRIMM 55-340+5.414
smps GRIMM 55-340+5.705+5.706
smps GRIMM 55-900+5.414
smps GRIMM 55-900+5.705+5.706
smps GRIMM SMPS+5416 GRIMM SMPS+C system (Vienna-type DMA) + 5416 cpc
smps IFT IFT Long DMA
smps NUIG ActrisStandards_smps_01
smps TSI 3034
smps TSI 3071A+3010
smps TSI 3071A+3022A
smps TSI 3071A+3025A
smps TSI 3071A+3760A
smps TSI 3080L
smps TSI 3934
smps TSI 3936
smps TSI 3938
steel_canister Andersen unknown
steel_canister Entech Silonite
steel_canister Restek SilcoCan
steel_canister Restek+Entech SilcoCan+Silonite
steel_canister Riemer AUTOCAN 2_4
sun_tracking_filter_radiometer PREDE POM-02
uv_abs Ansyco 41M
uv_abs Dasibi 1008
uv_abs Dasibi 1108
uv_abs Dylec 1100
uv_abs Ebara EG-2001F
uv_abs Ebara EG-2001FTP
uv_abs Ebara EG-3000F
uv_abs Ecotech ML 9810
uv_abs Horiba APOA-360CE
uv_abs Horiba APOA-370
uv_abs Monitor Labs 9810
uv_abs Teledyne 400A
uv_abs Teledyne T400
uv_abs Teledyne Monitor Labs ML8810
uv_abs Teledyne Monitor Labs ML9810B
uv_abs Thermo 49
uv_abs Thermo 49C
uv_abs Thermo 49C+49i
uv_abs Thermo 49i
uv_abs Thermo 49w
uv_fluoresc Ecotech EC9850
uv_fluoresc Teledyne T100
uv_fluoresc Teledyne T100U
uv_fluoresc Thermo 43i
uv_fluoresc Thermo 43i-TL
uv_fluoresc Thermo 43i-TLE
v-smps TSI 3080
vuv_fluorescence Aero-Laser AL5001
vuv_fluorescence Aero-Laser AL5002
wet_only_sampler Baghirra Rain gauge 1m2
wet_only_sampler ELMECO ELMECO_wet_only
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA171
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181E
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181K
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181KE
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181KHT
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181KS
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt NSA181S
wet_only_sampler Eigenbrodt UNS130D
wet_only_sampler HWI Elektronika custom built
wet_only_sampler MTX ITALIA S.R.L. ARS1500

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