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Data Submission Manual
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Line 243: Data level

Data level:                   2

Data level:                   <data level number>

For regular data submissions, the data level is always 2.

For the interested reader:
The data level describes how much and what kind of processing and quality assurance the data have received:
level 0: Raw data as they come out of the instrument, formatted into EBAS NASA-Ames format, thus annotated by a header, "original" time resolution (native to instrument, set by network or station). This format is usually instrument specific, and used by WDCA for near-real-time submissions.
level 1: data processed to physical parameters (by instrument specific scaling, removing outages, inversion, ...), same time resolution as level 0. Instrument type specific. This format is used internallz by WDCA.
level 1.5: physical parameters, aggregated to hourly averages, info on atmospheric variability included, automatically generated. This format is the result of automated (unattended) near-real-time data processing.
level 2: physical parameters, aggregated to hourly averages, info on variability recommended, quality assured by human inspection. This format is used by WDCA for regular data submissions.
level 3: data product generated from lower data levels of one or several instruments.
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