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Number of normal comment lines



All the following header lines contain meta data for classifying the dataset in ebas. With respect to the original NASA-Ames specification, these are "normal comment lines", and this line gives the total number of these lines.

Here are some examples for calculating this number:

<Number of normal comment lines> = <Total number of header lines (specified in line 1)> - <line number of this line>

Number of normal comment lines = Line number of the column headers comment line (last header line starting with "starttime endtime ...") - line number of this line

Some meta data elements are optional or only used for certain instruments or variables, so this number may vary.

The meta data values given in this section are default meta data, and valid for all the variables in the file.

If a variable has a different value, different unit, or no value for a given meta data field, the default value may be changed in the variable name (vname).
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