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Number of dependent data columns


<number of dependent data columns>

Total number of variables in addition to the start_time: end_time, all variables and numflag columns. As there is just one independent variable in NASA-Ames 1001 (EBAS uses start_time as independent variable), this will be equal the total number of data columns in the file minus 1.

According to the original NASA-Ames 1001 definition, a file contains only one independent variable in the leftmost data column, usually the time variable. All other data columns are considered dependent variables. EBAS NASA-Ames contains additional fixed columns, the end time of the measurement (second from left) and one or more flag columns. These are accommodated as dependent columns.

The number of other dependent columns depends on which components are analyzed in the samples. Line 10 states the total number of dependent variables / columns, including the EBAS NASA-Ames required columns (end_time of measurement, numflag(s)).
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