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Line 12: Missing value tags

9999.999999 9999.999 9.999 9999.999 9.999 9999.999 9.999 9999.999 9.999 9999.999 9.999

<missing value tag 1> <missing value tag 2> ...

This line contains one missing value code for each dependent variable in the file. The number format of the missing value code (number of digits left and right of the decimal point, use of exponential notation or not) specifies the number format of the corresponding data column in the data section. The missing value code is usually generated by filling all digits with a 9. This applies also for numbers in exponential notation. In any case, the absolute value of the missing values code needs to be 1 to 2 orders of magnitude larger than the largest valid value ever expected. Files containing data entries exceeding the number format stated by the missing value code will cause an error message.
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