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Line 302: Second data section example line

0.041667    0.082222 9999.999 0.999 99999.999 0.999 99999.999 0.999 99999.999 0.999 99999.999 0.9999

<DOY start time> <DOY end time> <1st data value> <1st numflag> <2nd data value> <2nd numflag>... <data value><flag column> ...

This line exemplifies the use of missing value codes. Please observe that for columns stating a time, a year, or a number of wavelengths or size bins to follow, the missing value code may not be used even though it is defined. Also, the flags column (last column may never contain its missing value code even though defined. Even if all data in the line are missing, the flags column needs to contain a (valid) invalidating flag, e.g. 999 (data missing for unspecified reason).
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