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Line 301: First data section example line

0.000000    0.041667 0.0094 0.000 1.092 0.000 0.967 0.000 0.488 0.000 1.880 0.000

<DOY start time> <DOY end time> <1st data value> <1st numflag> <2nd data value> <2nd numflag>...<data value> <flag column> ...

Example of first line of data section. The data values in the line have constant width and are space separated. The first value in the line, the independent variable according to NASA-Ames terminology, is the start time (stated as DOY) of the averaging period reported in the line. Its long header is given in line 9. It is followed by the end time of the averaging period, which is the first dependent variable, its header given in line 13. The data values are identified by the column long headers in line 16 ff, the followed by a column containing the flags. Please take a look at the comments for line 16 on how to assemble this column. The number format of the data values (notation, number of digits and significant places) has to correspond to the format of the columns missing value code specified in line 12.
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