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Line 220: Instrument name

Instrument name:              Aerodyne_ACSM_140-103_BIR

Instrument name:              <manufacturer>_<model>_<additional ID>

The instrument name field serves 3 purposes:
  1. identify instrument manufacturer
  2. identify instrument model
  3. logically identify instrument uniquely within the network
A change in the instrument name will be registered as start of a new time series, even if the same parameter has been measured before at the station. This is meant to ensure that a time series is internally comparable.

The instrument name must not contain spaces. Its manufacturer and model parts need to be selected from the list of allowed combinations below. The "additional ID" is supposed to make the ID unique within the EBAS database. Please choose a logical ID, e.g. the style "BIR_dry" identifying the instrument sampling the dry-state aerosol at Birkenes Observatory (Norway). That way, the instrument name won't need to change if you swap the instrument with one having a different serial number which is otherwise identical. The additional ID also allows to distinguish several instruments of the same type and model that may be run in parallel at a station for different purposes (e.g. dry-state vs. increased relative humidity) or intercomparison.

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