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Data Submission Manual
Submit DataData Reportingsubmission-procedure    October 1, 2020
Getting started on data reporting:

  • If you are submitting data to EBAS for the first time, we recommend that you carefully inspect the template related to the components your are reporting. You must include all the metadata elements from the mandatory-metadata-template. You can use this as a basis to build your metadata header. For a complete overview of EBAS metadata elements please visit this list. You could also look at each specific template example, download the template and modified it according to your needs.
  • Alternatively you can use the ebas-io python package for reading/writing NASA-Ames 1001 files with EBAS extensions (EBAS NASA-Ames).
  • When you have created a file, make sure it validates, using the EBAS submission tool, before you submit your data.
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