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Submit DataData ReportingTemplatesmandatory-metadata-template    October 1, 2020

EBAS template for mandatory metadata elements

Template describing the mandatory metadata elements that must be applied in the metadata header regardless of measurement principle used.

Points to note

Clicking on a specific line in the example template will provide a detailed explanation and possible options for each of the metadata elements. Please contact ebas@nilu in case of broken links etc.

Downloading template as text file

You could download the template and start to modify the text with your own metadata. Due to limitations of the online portal we could not provide files with the .nas file extension. So please download the text file and edit, and remember to use the .nas file-extension when you create your datafile: 


* To validate the file, please use the EBAS Submission Tool


Apply '000' for valid measurements

A full list of flags could be found here.

Template for Data Submission:

<total number of header lines> <nasa ames file format index>
<data originator 1 lastname>, <data originator 1 firstname>;<data originator 2 lastname>,<data originator 2 firstname>
<lab code>, <organisation name>, <organisation acronym>, <organisation unit>, <organisation address 1>, <organisation address 2>, <organisation ZIP>, <organisation town>, <organisation country>
<last name 1>, <first name 1>; <last name 2>, <first name 2>
<project acronym 1> <project acronym 2>
<volume number> <total number of volumes>
<file reference year> <file reference month> <file reference day> <file revision year> <file revision month> <file revision day>
<time interval between measurement start points>
<description of time unit>
<number of dependent data columns>
<scaling factor 1> <scaling factor 2> ... <scaling factor nv>
<missing value tag 1> <missing value tag 2> ... <missing value tag nv>
vname(1), unit, Tag_1=value_1, ..., Tag_n=value_n
vname(n), unit, Tag_1=value_1, ..., Tag_n=value_n
<Number of special comment lines>
<Number of normal comment lines>
Data definition:                         EBAS_1.1
Set type code:                           <set-type-code> 
Timezone:                                <timezone> 
File name:                               <filename> 
Startdate:                               <YYYMMDDDHHMMSS>
Revision date:      <YYYMMDDDHHMMSS>
Version:                                 <version-number> 
Version description:                     <version-description> 
Statistics:                              <statistical-function> 
Data level:                              <data-level-number> 
Period code:                             <int><periode-code-tag> 
Resolution code:                         <int><resolution-code-tag> 
Sample duration:                         <int><sample-duration-tag> 
Station code:                            <two-letter-nation-code><four-digit-station-identifier><suffix> 
Platform code:                           <two-letter-nation-code><four-digit-station-identifier><suffix> 
Station name:                            <station-name> 
Station other IDs:                       <id-1><database-acronym-1><id-2><database-acronym-2> 
Station land use:                        <land-use-keyword> 
Station setting:                         <setting-keyword> 
Station latitude:                        <station-WGS-84-latitude> 
Station longitude:                       <station-WGS-84-longitude> 
Station altitude:                        <station-altitude-in-meters> 
Measurement latitude:                    <measurement-WGS-84-latitude> 
Measurement longitude:                   <measurement-WGS-84-longitude> 
Measurement altitude:                    <measurement-altitude-in-meters> 
Measurement height:                      <measurement-height-in-meters> 
Component:                               <component-name> 
Unit:                                    <unit-of-reported-main-variable> 
Matrix:                                  <matrix-identifier> 
Instrument type:                         <instrument-type> 
Instrument name:                         <instrument-name> 
Instrument manufacturer:                 <instrument-manufacturer> 
Instrument model:                        <instrument-model> 
Instrument serial number:                <instrument-serial-number> 
Laboratory code:                         <laboratory-code> 
Standard method:                         <standard-method-tag> 
Detection limit:                         <detection-limit> 
Detection limit expl.:                   <freetext-keywords-explaining-detection-limit> 
Zero/negative values code:               <zero/negative-values-keyword>
Zero/negative values:                    <freetext-keywords-explaining-zero/negative-values> 
QA measure ID:                           <QA-id> 
QA date:                                 <QA-date> 
QA document URL:                         <QA-document-URL> 
Originator:                              <data-originator> 
Submitter:                               <data-submitter> 
Acknowledgement:                         <acknowledgement-information> 
Comment:                                 <freetext-comment> 

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