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The example template given below contains the metadata fields that are commonly included when reporting data related to this specific template. Some of these metadata elements may not be relevant for your data reporting, like AIRS station ID for stations outside North America or the various QA measure data when there is no QA measure for the data. Such metadata elements could be let out. If you want to include additional metadata elements that are not given in the example template, there is a complete list here.  In case of any doubt about such additional metadata, please consult the EBAS team!


Template for submission of ozone measurements

This template should be used for submitting monitoring data of surface ozone done by standard photometers based on UV absorption.

Points to note

  • Mixing ratio given as [nmol/mol] is the preferred unit. Alternatively [ppb] could be used, assuming this is identical to [nmol/mol]. Data in [proxy ug/m3] = fac* [nmol/mol] is also accepted provided that the fixed values for T and P (typically T=293.15K and P = 1013.25 hPa) used to calculate fac is given in the "Volume std. temperature" and "Volume std. pressure" metadata.
  • A default standard value for the absorption cross-section is stated in the "Absorption cross section" element. As data provider you should check that this agrees with the value you are using and change it if needed
  • Include information of monitor calibration(s) in the QA metadata
  • Include information on filter test, leak tests, ozone scrubber test etc in the "Maintenance description" element
  • Include information of any kind if drying in the Temperature/humidity control tab. This is important for the question of whether the values refer to mixing ratio in moist or dry air
  • When calculating average values, e.g. hourly, from measurements with higher time resolution, please disregard any invalid measurements. Any informative flags, e.g. local contamination, occuring at any time during the average period need to be copied to the average value.
  • Reference temperature and pressure are only necessary to include when reporting mass concentration.

Downloading template as text file

You could download the template and start to modify the text with your own metadata. Due to limitations of the online portal we could not provide files with the .nas file extension. So please download the text file and edit, and remember to use the .nas file-extension when you create your datafile: 


* To validate the file, please use the EBAS Submission Tool

Flags commonly used with this format:

Group 0: Valid data

Flag Validity Description
000 V Valid measurement

Group 1: Exception flags for accepted, irregular data

Flag Validity Description
110 V Episode data checked and accepted by data originator. Valid measurement
147 V Below theoretical detection limit or formal Q/A limit, but a value has been measured and reported and is considered valid

Group 3: Flags for aggregated datasets

Flag Validity Description
390 V Data completeness less than 50%
392 V Data completeness less than 75%
394 V Data completeness less than 90%

Group 5: Chemical problem

Flag Validity Description
559 V Unspecified contamination or local influence, but considered valid
599 I Unspecified contamination or local influence

Group 9: Missing flags

Flag Validity Description
999 M Missing measurement, unspecified reason

Template for Data Submission:

91 1001
Solberg, Sverre; Someone, Else
NO01L, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Hjellbrekke, Anne
1 1
2014 01 01 2016 02 04
days from file reference point
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
9999.999999 9999.9 9.999999999 9999.9 9.999999999 9999.9 9.999999999 999.9 9.999999999
end_time of measurement, days from the file reference point
ozone, nmol/mol, Statistics=arithmetic mean
numflag ozone, no unit, Statistics=arithmetic mean
ozone, nmol/mol, Statistics=maximum
numflag ozone, no unit, Statistics=maximum
ozone, nmol/mol, Statistics=minimum
numflag ozone, no unit, Statistics=minimum
ozone, nmol/mol, Statistics=stddev
numflag ozone, no unit, Statistics=stddev
Data definition:                         EBAS_1.1
Set type code:                           TU
Timezone:                                UTC
File name:                               NO0042G.20140101000000.20160204103000.uv_abs.ozone.air.1y.1h.NO01L_NO42_uv_abs_42.NO01L_uv_ab.lev2.nas
Startdate:                               20140101000000
Revision date:                           20160204103000
Version:                                 1
Version description:                     initial revision,manually inspected
Statistics:                              arithmetic mean
Data level:                              2
Period code:                             1y
Resolution code:                         1h
Sample duration:                         1h
Orig. time res.:                         1mn
Station code:                            NO0042G
Platform code:                           NO0042S
Station name:                            Zeppelin mountain (Ny-Ålesund)
Station WDCA-ID:                         GAWANO__ZEP
Station GAW-Name:                        Zeppelin Mountain (Ny Ålesund)
Station GAW-ID:                          ZEP
Station AIRS-ID:                         
Station other IDs:                       1158(NILUDB)
Station state/province:                  
Station land use:                        Gravel and stone
Station setting:                         Polar
Station GAW type:                        G
Station WMO region:                      6
Station latitude:                        78.906667
Station longitude:                       11.888333
Station altitude:                        474.0 m
Measurement altitude:                    478.0 m
Measurement height:                      2.0 m
Component:                               ozone
Unit:                                    nmol/mol
Matrix:                                  air
Laboratory code:                         NO01L
Instrument type:                         uv_abs
Instrument manufacturer:                 Teledyne
Instrument model:                        400A
Instrument serial number:                12345
Instrument name:                         NO42_uv_abs_42
Method ref:                              NO01L_uv_ab
Standard method:                         SOP=GAW_209(2013)
Inlet type:                              Hat or hood
Inlet description:                       
Inlet tube material:                     Teflon
Inlet tube outer diameter:               6.35 mm
Inlet tube inner diameter:               
Inlet tube length:                       4.0 m
Maintenance description:                 Monthly leak test, inlet filter checked every 2 months, ozone scrubber checked and replaced if needed once/year
Flow rate:                               0.50 l/min
Zero/span check type:                    automatic
Zero/span check interval:                1d
Humidity/temperature control:            None
Humidity/temperature control description:
Volume std. temperature:                 293.15 K
Volume std. pressure:                    1013.25 hPa
Detection limit:                         1 nmol/mol
Absorption cross section:                1.1476E-17 cm2
QA1 measure ID:                          WCC Empa Site Audit
QA1 date:                                20120902
QA1 document URL:                        ""
Originator:                              Solberg, Sverre,, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18,, 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Originator:                              Someone, Else,, Some nice Institute, WOW, Super interesting division, Street18,, X-9999, Paradise,Noway
Submitter:                               Hjellbrekke, Anne,, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18,, 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Acknowledgement:                         Request acknowledgement details from data originator
starttime endtime o3 flag_o3 o3max flag_o3max o3min flag_o3min o3std flag_o3std
0.000000 0.041667 72.4 0.000000000 82.0 0.000000000 67.9 0.000000000 12.1 0.000000000
0.041667 0.083333 102.2 0.000000000 102.5 0.000000000 100.3 0.000000000 1.2 0.000000000
0.083333 0.125000 9999.9 0.999000000 9999.9 0.999000000 9999.9 0.999000000 999.9 0.999000000
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