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Data Submission Manual
Submit DataData ReportingTemplatesCategoryTrace GasesNOx    October 1, 2020


Please be informed that if you are submitting data to the ACTRIS network, you should only report NOx level 0 together with all associated parameters. Level 1 and level 2 data are processed at the ACTRIS central facility for NOx gases.

Data Level Description Used For
  • Annotated raw data
  • Format instrument specific
  • Contains all parameters provided by instrument as provided
  • Contains all parameters / info needed for processing to final value.
  • "Native" time resolution
  • Advanced data reporting
  • Near-Real-Time (NRT) data reporting
  • Data processed to final parameter
  • Invalid data & calibration episodes removed
  • "Native" time resolution
  • Format property specific
  • Correction to standard temperature & pressure cond. (273.15 K, 1013.25 hPa) if necessary
  • Advanced data reporting
  • Intercomparisons
  • Data aggregated to hourly averages
  • Atmospheric variability quantified by standard deviation or percentiles
  • Format property specific
auto-processed Near-Real-Time (NRT) data processing
2 manual quality assurance Regular, annual data reporting
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