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The example template given below contains the metadata fields that are commonly included when reporting data related to this specific template. Some of these metadata elements may not be relevant for your data reporting, like AIRS station ID for stations outside North America or the various QA measure data when there is no QA measure for the data. Such metadata elements could be let out. If you want to include additional metadata elements that are not given in the example template, there is a complete list here.  In case of any doubt about such additional metadata, please consult the EBAS team!

Template for submission of meteorological parameters - Level 0

This format should be used for submitting Level 0 data for meteorological parameters, like atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind (speed and direction), relative humidity and radiation (global and/or UV). 
Typically the meteorological monitoring are done by an automatic weather station (AWS). The data in this Level 0 template should be given in the original time resolution provided by the instrument without any aggregation. 

Points to note:

  • Temperature should be reported in K, pressure in hPa, wind speed in m/s, wind direction in 
    degrees, relative humidity in per cent (%) and radiation in W/m2.
  • Use one of the instrument types listed here, where aws stands for automatic weather station.
  • Submitted data will be checked for boundaries, the current specification for boundary checks can be found here.

Downloading template as text file

You could download the template and start to modify the text with your own metadata. Due to limitations of the online portal we could not provide files with the .nas file extension. So please download the text file and edit, and remember to use the .nas file-extension when you create your datafile: 


* To validate the file, please use the EBAS Submission Tool


Flags commonly used with this format:

Most of the flags in EBAS are designed for measurements of chemical species and are not relevant for meteorological data. Typically, the meteorological data are given with flag 000 for valid data and flag 999 for missing observations. For Level 0 data one could also use flag 682 (Invalid due to calibration or zero/span check).

Group 9: Missing flags

Flag Validity Description
999 M Missing measurement, unspecified reason

Group 6: Mechanical or instrumental problem

Flag Validity Description
682 I Invalid due to calibration or zero/span check

Group 0: Valid data

Flag Validity Description
000 V Valid measurement

Template for Data Submission

67 1001
Solberg, Sverre; Someone, Else
NO01L, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Hjellbrekke, Anne
1 1
2012 01 01     2015 04 13
days from file reference point
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 
9999.99999999 9999.99 9999.99 9999.99 9999.99 99999.99 99999.99 999.99 9.999999999 
end_time of measurement, days from the file reference point
wind_speed, m/s, Sensor type=cup anemometer, Measurement height=10m, Measurement uncertainty=1%
wind_direction, deg, Sensor type=wind vane, Measurement height=10m, Measurement uncertainty=1%
temperature, deg C, Measurement uncertainty=2%
relative_humidity, %, Sensor type=capacitive polymer, Measurement uncertainty=1%
pressure, hPa, Sensor type=aneroid barometer, Measurement uncertainty=1%
global_radiation, W/m2, Sensor type=pyranometer, Measurement uncertainty=1%
precipitation_amount, mm, Sensor type=sonic, Measurement uncertainty=1%
numflag, no unit
Data definition:              EBAS_1.1
Set type code:                TU
Timezone:                     UTC
File name:          ' to '
Startdate:                    20120101000000
Revision date:                20150413100000
Version:                      1
Version description:          initial revision, manually inspected
Data level:                   0
Period code:                  1y
Resolution code:              1mn
Sample duration:              1mn
Orig. time res.:              1mn
Station code:                 NO0042G
Platform code:                NO0042S
Station name:                 Zeppelin mountain (Ny-Ãlesund)
Station WDCA-ID:              GAWANO__ZEP
Station GAW-ID:               ZEP
Station GAW-Name:             Zeppelin Mountain (Ny Ãlesund)
Station land use:             Gravel and stone
Station setting:              Polar
Station GAW type:             G
Station WMO region:           6
Station latitude:             78.906667
Station longitude:            11.888333
Station altitude:             474.0m
Measurement altitude:         478.0m
Measurement height:           2m
Matrix:                       met
Laboratory code:              NO01L
Instrument type:              aws
Instrument manufacturer:      Aanderaa
Instrument model:             AWS 2700 
Instrument name:              NO42_aanderaa_42
Instrument serial number:     12345
Method ref:                   NO01L_aanderaa
Sensor type:                  platinum resistance
Standard method:              None
Originator:                   Solberg, Sverre,, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18,, 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Originator:                   Someone, Else,, Some nice Institute, WOW, Super interesting division, Street 18,, X-9999, Paradise, Noway
Submitter:                    Hjellbrekke, Anne,, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18,, 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Acknowledgement:              Request acknowledgement details from data originator
start_time    end_time        wind_speed      wind_direction   temperature relative_humidity    pressure    global_radiation       precipitation_amount  numflag
0.00000000    0.00069444      10.05           331.00            2.15            85.20              1010.54       125.34                   0.00         0.000000000
0.00069444    0.00138888       8.12           325.00            2.45            85.15              1010.21       124.87                0.00         0.000000000 

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