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Template for Mercury in precipitation (draft)

This format should be used for submitting all relevant persistent organic pollutants (POPs) measured in precipitation

Points to note

  • Report precipitation amount from the wet only or bulk)sampler and the co-located official meteorological rain gauge when available.

  • For days without rain, set value to 0.00/flag to 000 for precipitation amount, and value to missing/flag to 890 for the compound.

  • This template can be used for total deposition measurements also, then use matrix precp+dry_dep. NOTE. If however concentration has been measured, this should be reported together with precipitation

  • Include information on both the sampling and analytical instruments.

  • Include information if been part of any relevant laboratory intercomparison in the QA measures. 

  • Boundary and Spike Checks: Submitted data will be checked for boundaries, the current specification for boundary checks can be found here.

Flags commonly used with this format:

A full list of flags could be found here. 

Group 0: Valid data

Flag Validity Description
000 V Valid measurement

Group 1: Exception flags for accepted, irregular data

Flag Validity Description
147 V Below theoretical detection limit or formal Q/A limit, but a value has been measured and reported and is considered valid

Group 4: Extreme or inconsistent values

Flag Validity Description
460 I Contamination suspected

Group 5: Chemical problem

Flag Validity Description
559 V Unspecified contamination or local influence, but considered valid
599 I Unspecified contamination or local influence

Group 6: Mechanical or instrumental problem

Flag Validity Description
656 V Wet-only collector failure, operated as bulk collector
657 V Precipitation collector overflow. Heavy snowfall/rain shower (squall)

Group 7: Flags used when the value is unknown

Flag Validity Description
781 V Value below detection limit, data element contains detection limit
782 V Low precipitation, concentration estimated
783 M Low precipitation, concentration unknown

Group 8: Flags for undefined data elements

Flag Validity Description
890 M Concentration in precipitation undefined, no precipitation

Group 9: Missing flags

Flag Validity Description
999 M Missing measurement, unspecified reason

Template for Data Reporting

76 1001
Aspmo, Katrine
NO01L, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Aas, Wenche
1 1
2014 01 01 2015 05 07
days from file reference point
1 1 1 1 1
999 999.9 9.999 999.99 9.999
end_time of measurement, days from the file reference point
mercury, ng/l
numflag mercury, no unit
precipitation_amount, mm, Detection limit=0.01 mm, Analytical measurement technique=by_weight, Analytical instrument manufacturer=, Analytical instrument model=, Analytical instrument name=NO01L_by_weight, Analytical instrument serial number=
numflag precipitation_amount, no unit
Data definition:                          EBAS_1.1
Set type code:                            TU
Timezone:                                 UTC
File name:                                NO0001R.20140101000000.20150507105157.wet_only_sampler.mercury.precip.1y.1w.NO01L_NILU_hg_01.NO01L_NILU_CVAFS_01.lev2.nas
Startdate:                                20140101000000
Revision date:                            20150507105157
Version:                                  1
Version description:                      initial revision, manually inspected
Data level:                               2
Period code:                              1y
Resolution code:                          1w
Sample duration:                          1w
Orig. time res.:                          1w
Station code:                             NO0001R
Platform code:                            NO0001S
Station name:                             Birkenes
Station WDCA-ID:                          GAWANO__BIR
Station GAW-Name:                         Birkenes
Station GAW-ID:                           BIR
Station AIRS-ID:                         
Station other IDs:                        201(NILUDB)
Station state/province:                  
Station land use:                         Forest
Station setting:                          Rural
Station GAW type:                         R
Station WMO region:                       6
Station latitude:                         58.383333
Station longitude:                        8.250000
Station altitude:                         190m
Measurement altitude:                     200m
Measurement height:                       2m
Component:                                mercury
Unit:                                     ng/l
Matrix:                                   precip
Laboratory code:                          NO01L
Instrument type:                          wet_only_sampler
Instrument manufacturer:                  Eigenbrodt
Instrument model:                         NSA 181/KE
Instrument serial number:                 12345
Instrument name:                          NILU_hg_01
Analytical laboratory code:               NO01L
Analytical measurement technique:         CV_AFS
Analytical instrument manufacturer:       Tekran
Analytical instrument model:              2600
Analytical instrument name:               NILU_CVAFS_01
Analytical instrument serial number:      12345
Sample preparation:                       BrCl digestion
QA1 measure ID:                           AMAP_EMEP-GMOS_xxx
QA1 date:                                 20160716
QA1 document URL:                         "http
Standard method:                          SOP=GMOS_precip_2016
Blank correction:                         Not blank corrected
Detection limit expl.:                    Lower quantification limit, determined by taking 10 times standard deviation of ensemble of laboratory blanks
Originator:                               Aspmo, Katrine, , Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Submitter:                                Aas, Wenche, , Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Acknowledgement:                          Request acknowledgement details from data originator
starttime endtime Hg flag_Hg mm numflag_mm
0 7 2.0 0.000 2.10 0.000
7 14 2.6 0.000 5.30 0.000
14 21 8.9 0.000 16.40 0.000
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