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Template for Mercury in air or aerosols (draft)

This format should be used for submitting all relevant mercury species measured in gas phase and/or in aerosols

Points to note

  • Be careful in choosing the right component name and matrix combinations depending on your measurement procedure/instrument type. The following combinations are possible:

Component Name

Short Name























  • Specify further in the inlet description to distinguish between TGM and GEM when using monitors, i.e.: Heated inlet(50degC), Teflon filter and soda lime trap (GEM measured)or no trap (TGM measured)

  • Include information on routine checks and leak tests in the "Maintenance description" element

  • Include information on which standard pressure and temperature are used for conversion

  • Monitor data should be reported with one hour average, but several monitors sample with higher time resolution, i.e. five minutes. If so, report the standard deviation within each hour as a separate time series. Use the completeness flag (390-394) if low data coverage within the hour.

  • Include information if the instrument or lab have been part of any relevant laboratory intercomparison (ILC) or external audit, in the QA measures. Contact if the ILC is not defined.

  • Include information on which SOP is used.

  • The template is describing measurements with monitor. For manual methods, relevant metadata for analytical method needs to be added

Flags commonly used with this format:

A full list of flags could be found here.

Group 0: Valid data

Flag Validity Description
000 V Valid measurement

Group 1: Exception flags for accepted, irregular data

Flag Validity Description
147 V Below theoretical detection limit or formal Q/A limit, but a value has been measured and reported and is considered valid

Group 3: Flags for aggregated datasets

Flag Validity Description
390 V Data completeness less than 50%
392 V Data completeness less than 75%
394 V Data completeness less than 90%

Group 5: Chemical problem

Flag Validity Description
559 V Unspecified contamination or local influence, but considered valid
599 I Unspecified contamination or local influence

Group 6: Mechanical or instrumental problem

Flag Validity Description
619 V The difference between the average concentrations in the two gold cartridges is larger than 5%
618 I The difference between the average concentrations in the two gold cartridges is larger than 15%

Group 9: Missing flags

Flag Validity Description
999 M Missing measurement, unspecified reason

Template for Data Reporting

74 1001
Aspmo, Katrine
NO01L, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Aas, Wenche
1 1
2015 01 01 2016 05 10
days from file reference point
1 1 1 1 1
999.999999 99.999 9.999999999 9.999 9.999999999
end_time of measurement, days from the file reference point
gaseous_elemental_mercury, ng/m3
numflag gaseous_elemental_mercury, no unit
gaseous_elemental_mercury, ng/m3, Statistics=stddev
numflag gaseous_elemental_mercury, no unit, Statistics=stddev
Data definition:                          EBAS_1.1
Set type code:                            TU
Timezone:                                 UTC
File name:                                NO0042G.20150101000000.20160510000000.Hg_mon.gaseous_elemental_mercury.air.1y.1h.NO01L_NO42_tekran_42.NO01L_afs.lev2.nas
Startdate:                                20150101000000
Revision date:                            20160510000000
Version:                                  1
Version description:                      initial revision, manually inspected
Data level:                               2
Period code:                              1y
Resolution code:                          1h
Sample duration:                          1h
Orig. time res.:                          5mn
Station code:                             NO0042G
Platform code:                            NO0042S
Station name:                             Zeppelin mountain (Ny-Ålesund)
Station other IDs:                        1158(NILUDB)
Station state/province:                  
Station land use:                         Gravel and stone
Station setting:                          Polar
Station latitude:                         78.906667
Station longitude:                        11.888333
Station altitude:                         474.0m
Component:                                gaseous_elemental_mercury
Unit:                                     ng/m3
Matrix:                                   air
Laboratory code:                          NO01L
Instrument type:                          Hg_mon
Instrument manufacturer:                  Tekran
Instrument model:                         2537
Instrument serial number:                 12345
Instrument name:                          NO42_tekran_42
Method ref:                               NO01L_afs
Inlet type:                               Hat or hood
Inlet description:                        Heated inlet(50degC), Teflon filter and soda lime trap (GEM measured)
Inlet tube material:                      Teflon
Inlet tube length:                        4.0 m
Zero/span check type:                     automatic
Zero/span check interval:                 3d
Maintenance description:                  weekly check, soda lime trap and sample inlet changed biweekly, quaternary leak test
Flow rate:                                1.5 l/min
Volume std. temperature:                  273.15K
Volume std. pressure:                     1013.25hPa
Humidity/temperature control:             None
Humidity/temperature control description:
Detection limit:                          0.1 ng/m3
Detection limit expl.:                    Determined by instrument counting statistics,no detection limit flag used
QA1 measure ID:                           AMAP_EMEP-GMOS_xxx
QA1 date:                                 20160716
QA1 document URL:                         "http
Standard method:                          SOP=GMOS_air_2016
Originator:                               Aspmo, Katrine, , Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Submitter:                                Aas, Wenche, , Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, Atmosphere and Climate Department, Instituttveien 18, , 2007, Kjeller, Norway
Acknowledgement:                          Request acknowledgement details from data originator
starttime endtime Hg flag_Hg Hgstd flag_Hgstd
0.000000 0.041667 1.696 0.000000000 0.382 0.000000000
0.041667 0.083333 1.705 0.000000000 0.525 0.000000000


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