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Resolution code


Interval between start times of samples. For regularly reported data (data set type TU), it is expected that this interval is valid throughout the file, i.e. that holes in the time series are padded with missing data lines. 

Common values are :

  • 5mn: five minutes
  • 1h: one hour
  • 1d: one day
  • 2d: two days or Mon+Wed+Fri
  • 1w: one week
  • 1mo: one month

For measurements with varying sampling intervals select the most appropriate resolution code. For weekly measurements with an additional sample change the first day in each month the code is 1w.


Resolution code:              <resolution code tag>


Resolution code:              1d
Note about resolution code, sample duration and original time resolution

The difference between the concepts of duration and resolution can be confusing. Resolution is about frequency of measurements (the average time between two sample start times), duration is about the average duration of the samples. This is not always the same, for example if a measurement is performed for one day each week (sample duration = 1d, resolution code = 1w).

The original time resolution is important for averaged data, then it would be the original resolution of the instrument. If the data are not averaged, the original time resolution is of course equal to the resolution code.

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