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QA metadata - Ozone

For an in-depth documentation of QA metadata and lists of allowed values please visit the QA pages. There is also a detailed documentation about special cases for ozone measurements

Example 1: Using a laboratory standard (which is traceable to a national standard) for calibrating the field instrument:

QA1 measure ID:          NO01L_reference_calibration_20110517
QA1 measure description: on-site comparison with laboratory standard instrument
QA1 date:                20140716
QA1 outcome:             pass
QA1 bias:                0.5 %
QA1 variability:         1.2 nmol/mol
QA1 document name:       Calibration Report 20171233
QA1 document URL:        ""

In this case the QA measure ID must be generated from your laboratory code, the term "reference_calibration" and the date of the calibration of the laboratory standard (this calibrated laboratory standard becomes then a QA measure which can be used in multiple QA events for calibrating a field instrument). The separate element "QA1 date" refers to the calibration of the field instrument!

Example 2: The instrument was audited by the WCC Empa:
QA1 measure ID:          WCC Empa Site Audit
QA1 date:                20120902
QA1 document URL:        ""
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