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Standard method


The standard method refers to one of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for radiometric aerosol optical depth measurements recognised by the GAW Scientific Advisory Group for aerosol. Please use one of the keywords for recognised SOPs listed below only if your observations are in fact conducted following this SOP. If not, you may and should still report your observations, and fill in this field with "None". If you are using a SOP that you think should be listed here, please send an e-mail to and explain the details.

SOP  Description
Sunphotometry_PFR_manual_2009  The observations are conducted with a Precision Filter Radiometer (PFR) produced by the World Radiation Centre. The process follows the guidelines of the PFR manual.
Brewer_spectrophotometer_DeBock2010  The observations are conducted with a Brewer spectrophotometer and evaluated using the method of De Bock et al. (2010).
None  None of the above standard operating procedures is used. Please use a few keywords to describe your method as comment in line 264. 


Standard method:              <standard method tag>


Standard method:              Sunphotometry_PFR_manual_2009
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