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Data Submission Manual
Submit DataData Reporting    October 1, 2020

Data Reporting


Getting started

Get an overview over the submission procedure for submitting data to EBAS

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Look at templates for reporting data to EBAS

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Get help

List of channels for getting help related to EBAS data submission

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List of available tools for submitting data to EBAS

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Overview: measurement principles and levels


Measurement principle

Sub-principles (if relevant) 



Cloud Condensation Nucleus Counter


Level 0, level 1, level 2

Condensation Particle Counter


Level 0 (old version), level 1 (old version), level 2 (old version)

Differential / Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer

Level 2

Filter Absorption Photometer

Magee Instruments

Level 0

Multi-Angle Absorption Photometer (MAAP)

Level 0, level 1, level 2

Particle Soot Absorption Photometer (PSAP)

Level 0, level 1, level 2

Continuous Light Absorption Photometer (CLAP) 

Level 0, level 1, level 2

Integrating Nephelometer Data


Level 0 (old version), level 1 (old version), level 2 (old version)

Aerosol Optical Depth


Level 2 (old version)

Aerosol Particle Mass 

Online Aerosol Particle Mass Concentration

Level 2

Gravimetric Aerosol Particle Mass Concentration 

Level 2

Aerosol chemical speciation

Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM)

Level 0, Level 2 (preliminary)

inorganic aerosol chemistry (filter-based)

Level 2, Level 2 (latest version)  

EC OC data

Level 2

Trace gases

Chemiluminescence photometry (NOxy )


Level 0, level 1, level 2



Level 0, level 1, level 2

 OVOC    Level 0, level 1, level 2


Level 2

Trace gas on-line monitor

Level 2

Air chemistry

Level 2

Heavy metals

Heavy metals in aerosol particle-phase

Level 2

Heavy metals in precipitation

Level 2

Persistent Organic Pollutants


Inorganic precipitation chemistry

Level 2


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