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Data Submission Manual
Near real-time data submissions    October 1, 2020
Near-Real-Time Data Reporting

The near-real-time (NRT) scheme aims at collecting, processing, and disseminating data of selected instrument types latest within 3 hours, while the target turnover time is 1 h. This future-oriented service is targeted towards validation of weather forecast models that include atmospheric aerosol, as well as expected forecast products on air quality and health effects. Current users of the service include the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF).

The NRT scheme collects, processes, screens, and disseminates data automatically without regular human intervention. It is therefore expected and accepted that NRT data has a higher uncertainty than manually quality assured regularly reported data. NRT data are protected by their own data policy.

Instruments currently supported include:

  • Integrating nephelometer, measuring the aerosol particle scattering coefficient (TSI 3563, ECOTECH).
  • Filter absorption photometer, measuring the aerosol particle absorption coefficient (Magee AE31 & AE33, Thermo 5012, various PSAP types).
  • Electrical mobility size spectrometers, measuring the aerosol particle number size distribution.
NRT data are submitted in level 0 format, where they are processed to level 1.5 and published (for terminology, see page on data levels). To participate in the NRT scheme, please undertake the following steps:
  • Set up an automatic routine generating hourly level 0 data files for your instrument. These should have the same time resolution as normal level 0 files, but should start and end at the turn of an hour.
  • Send example of file to for iterating out errors
  • Provide information about instrument design if necessary.
  • Receive FTP upload account for your station.
  • Set up and activate an automatic hourly FTP upload to the account.
For a few instrument types, data acquisition software is provided that can be used at the station to collect the data from the instrument, display them, write them to storage, and upload them automatically to the NRT service. Please refer to the Software Tools tab.

For questions, e.g. on how to generate the level 0 files automatically, please contact, or download a presentation.
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